Sometimes I believe in fate. A lot of completely random things came together to make this recording possible. Somehow tunes, arrangements, schedules, and chance meetings all fell into place, with only the slightest amount of planning on my part. In the end, I think this album turned out better than I ever could have planned for....I hope you like it.

Special Thanks to; Mom and Dad, Jennifer, Tom and Francesca Wong and all my extended family, to Matt, Ross, Coleman and Ian for playing brilliantly, Mike Yach and Jesse Zimmerman at Immersive Studios, James Tuttle at Airshow Mastering, Jeff Booth and everybody at, Mag Hayden, Sam Burns, John Rumley, Mike Kemnitzer, Mary Flower, Otis Taylor, Chuck Campbell, Dick Weissman, Grant Gordy, Michael Pasternak, Jake Schepps, Rich and Wren Zimmerman, Jeff Karnowski and family, John Waite and family, Leif Johnson, Aaron and Erin Youngberg (and Ramona!) Paul Waitinas and Paul's Coffee & Tea, Murph, Brian and Sandy McNamara, Mike (9Ballz) Nesbit, Brant and Kim Peterson, Martin Gilmore, Steven J. Suh, Kirk Martenson, Falyn and Herschel, and last but definitely not least, Barkley the dog.


Falyn's Day Out
     Written for my 5 year old friend when she had a day off from preschool. (Thanks Ross for consciously allowing me to subconsciously steal 2/3rds of your title....)
Red Hill Pass
     I played a lot of gigs up in Summit County with my good friend Paul Waitinas. After every gig, Me and Paul (pun intended) would listen to Coast to Coast AM while driving over the pass, which has to be the least impressive pass in all of Colorado. We never quite figured out if we were considered to be east or west of the rockies....

 Suwanee Belle
      Written while house sitting up at my friend Mag's ranch.
 Whiskey Before Breakfast
     The first tune we recorded. Coleman and I were running late to the studio, causing me to skip breakfast (the one thing that I was actually planning on...)  Right before we started, I spotted a bottle of Jameson in the studio's lounge. Sometimes I believe in fate, so I actually had whiskey before breakfast before Whiskey Before Breakfast.....

The Evening Prayer Blues
     We recorded on July 9th (a date only bluegrass mandolin nerds would appreciate) so I wanted to do a Bill Monroe number. So on July 8th, I finally picked a song and worked up this solo mandolin arrangement while imagining someone playing along with evening church bells.
Waltz for Anna Lee
     A Confederate soldier's last letter to his true love.


 Nick Amodeo - mandolin, guitar on #6
 Coleman Smith - fiddle
 Ross Martin - guitar
 Matt Flinner - banjo
 Ian Hutchison - bass                                 

Produced by Nick Amodeo. Recorded at Immersive Studios; Boulder, Colorado. Engineered by Mike Yach. Assistant Engineer; Jesse Zimmerman. Mixed and mastered by James Tuttle at Airshow Mastering; Boulder, Colorado. Artwork and layout by Nick Amodeo. Graphic designer; Michael Pasternak. All songs written by Nick Amodeo BMI, except "Whiskey Before Breakfast" (trad.) and "The Evening Prayer Blues" (Monroe, Unichappell - BMI.)

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 Denver, CO 80250